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Allow us to market your listings without breaking the bank. We have packages that fit every budget and property marketing plan. Only need the pictures? We can do that. Want to highlight the property from above? We can do that too. Property tour that is Social Media compliant? Check out our Property Website Tours that will attract buyers (and sellers) and show off the photos and video in its High-Resolution native format (instead of the washed-out, compressed MLS quality images). 

On top of our transparent, reasonable pricing, we have 24 hour turnaround promise for images (usually next morning, they will be there); flexible shooting availability (need it done sooner, just ask!) We will do what we can to accommodate. Need to reschedule? We understand real estate and know that sometimes things don't go the way you want. No reschedule fees if notified before three hours of the shoot. No reschedule fees if rescheduled due to weather**

We provide you with the images in Print and MLS quality/formats. We work with brokerages, teams large and small, or the solo professionals. Why hire more overhead or do it yourself, let MidMichigan Image take care of this part.

Real Estate Marketing Packages

Add-On | À la carte

Floor Plan                                                                                                                     

$40 | $100
This is a 2D floor plan to show the general layout and flow of the property.

Delivered with approximate dimensions and without.


3D Matterport® Tour                                                                                                   

$100 |$160

Virtual tour of property using Theta Z1 camera. Hosted for six months included.

Pricing for up to 3000 Sq. Ft. and $30 per 1000 Sq. Ft. thereafter. Hosting after six

months, $10/mo.

On-Site Twilight                                                                                                           

$80 | $140
Photographer on-site for twilight photo session, must be in conjunction with

package above. Photographer will work with client to determine best dates

for twilight shoot and interiors will be completed prior to twilight. Package

will include several images in twilight, as well as daytime exterior images.   

Aerial Images                                                                                                             

$80 | $135

Images captured using a drone. Approx. 7-10 edited images included.

(Within local regulations and laws).

HD/4K Video Tour                                                                                                   

$100 | $160
Edited HD/4K Video Tour 1:30-2:30 minutes utilizing full-frame mirrorless camera

and frame axis gimbal. If utilized in conjunction with Aerials Packages, tour will include aerial footage(Within permitted guidelines and laws.)

Agent Introduction with wireless mic, no additional charge. 

HD/4K Social Media/Reel Video Tour                                                                                                 

$100 | $160

Short video captured using 4K/HD SLR Camera with gimbal stabilizer in portrait formatting and designed to be uploaded to Instagram/Facebook or any other socials. Great for branding, designed for sneak peeks, quick tours, etc. Due to formatting, cannot be uploaded to MLS or Zillow. Video Length: up to 1 Min, shot on scene, agent provides audio/presentation or a script to be used. 
If utilized in conjunction with Aerials Packages, tour will include aerial footage(Within permitted guidelines and laws.)

Agent Introduction with wireless mic, no additional charge. 

HD/4K Video Tour & Social Media/Reel Video Tour Combo                                                    

$180| $240
Combination of the Video tour and Social media/Reel Video Tour. Two videos will be delivered in formatting as described above.


Zillow® Walk-through Video Tour                                                                             

$25 | $70

(SD video shot from phone and axis gimbal, places listing within top 10% of search on for 21 days as an added value. (No marketing/branding per Zillow)

Twilight Exterior Edit                                                                                                 

Three exterior photos with “twilight” edited. (Note: this is not the On-Site

Twilight add-on. These are standard photos enhanced with a sunset

background and editing techniques, and one is included in every package).

Custom Web Address (URL)                                                                                       

Choose a custom domain address for your listing.

Example: (availability required).

Extra Large Property                                                                                                 

There will be a $30 fee for every additional 1000 sq. ft. above 3000 sq. ft.

Provide accurate square footage of structure, in writing, for complete quotation.

Return Trip Fee                                                                                                         

Property is not ready (due to unforeseen issues such as weather, tenant/owner

issues, etc.), additional jobs selected however unable to be completed during

first trip. Local Trip Fee Only

Travel Fee                                                                                                 

$1.50 per mile over 25 miles

Travel is based on Zip Code 48906 (Lansing, MI) one way only.  We add zone travel to accommodate for the increased cost of fuel, plus the wages and insurance it costs to travel to your location.  

Contact us if you have any questions on our travel fee. Fee will be calculated after appointment is confirmed and booked. 

Package Specifications

  • All Package plans are based on structures up to 3000 sq. ft.

  • Trip fee included in all packages within 25 Miles from Lansing, MI.

  • Exact number of images provided within the provided range (approx. 20-45) will be based on size of property, amount of rooms, etc. and at the discretion of the photographer.

  • Packages include basic photo retouching/editing of all images.

  • Advanced retouching/editing/decluttering/staging available as a per picture fee. 
  • SkySwap included (if necessary) on exterior images.

  • We will attempt to upload 4k/HD to the property site on Zillow®, however due to branding, they may be rejected. 

  • If an aerial image package is selected, video will be added from flight to the Zillow Walk-through at no additional charge.

**If Photographer recommends reschedule due to weather prior to shoot, and client insists it be done, photographer arrives and is unable due to weather, a travel fee may be assessed. 

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