Airbnb/Rental Marketing Packages

Add-On | À la carte

Pre/Post Rental Inspection                                                                                                                  

$70| $130
Detailed shots completed prior to tenant occupation. This is an extremely helpful for property damage claims. Not for production use, not licensed for marketing purposes. All images will be watermarked with date/time stamp.


$40 | $100
This is a 2D floor plan to show the general layout and flow of the property.


3D Matterport® Tour                                                                                                     

$100 | $160

Virtual tour of property using Theta Z1 camera. Hosted for six months included. Pricing for up to 4500 Sq. Ft. and .10 per Sq Ft thereafter. Hosting after six months, $10/mo. after and can be transferred to company's account in lieu of hosting.

On-Site Twilight                                                                                                           

$80 | $140
Photographer on-site for twilight photo session, must be in conjunction with
package above. Photographer will work with client to determine best dates for twilight shoot and interiors will be completed prior to twilight. Package will include several images in twilight, as well as daytime exterior images.   

Aerial Images                                                                                                               

$80 | $135

Images captured using a drone. Approx. 7-10 edited images included. (Within local regulations and laws).

HD/4K Video Tour                                                                                                       

$100 | $160
Edited HD Video Tour 1:30-2:30 minutes utilizing full-frame mirrorless camera
and frame axis gimbal. If aerial image package is selected, video will be included in video production.

Twilight Exterior Edit                                                                                                 

Three exterior photos with “twilight” edited. (Note: this is not the On-Site
Twilight add-on. These are standard photos enhanced with a sunset background and editing techniques.)

Extra Large Property                                                                                                 

There will be a $30+ fee for every additional 1000 sq. ft. above 4500 sq. ft.
Provide accurate square footage of structure, in writing, for complete quotation.

Return Trip Fee                                                                                                         

Property is not ready (due to unforeseen issues such as weather, tenant/owner
issues, etc.), or additional jobs selected however unable to be completed during first trip.

Zone 2 Trip Fee                                                                                                         


0-50 miles included in all pricing; 51-100 miles from Lansing, MI will incur add-on to package.101+ miles, please contact us or visit scheduler.


License Extension/Add-On                                                                                       


All packages include a three-year license granting permission for media to be used in marketing of property. À la carte will require a license to be added on (three year to start). It is recommended a re-shoot if property has been updated instead of extending.

Package Specifications

  • All Package plans are based on structures up to 4500 sq. ft.

  • Trip fee included in all packages within 50 Miles from Lansing, MI.

  • Exact number of images provided within the provided range (approx. 20-45) will be based on size of property, amount of rooms, etc. and at the discretion of the photographer.

  • Packages include basic photo retouching/editing of all images.

  • SkySwap included (if necessary) on exterior images.

  • If an aerial image package is selected, video will be added from flight to the HD/4k Video Tour.


**If Photographer recommends reschedule due to weather prior to shoot, and client insists it be done, photographer arrives and is unable due to weather, a travel fee may be assessed. 

Airbnb & Rental Services

Our beautiful state offers us some pretty breathtaking areas to travel throughout all the seasons. The Airbnb/VRBO market has been consistently ramping up in our tourist towns, which means our visitors need places to rest. The uptick in Airbnb options has resulted in a demand yet people still want comfort and amenities they may be used to from home or even hotels/resorts. Allow us to showcase your property to its finest, and highlight why that vacationer should pick your property over another. Surveys have shown that when professional photography is used in rentals, an experienced Airbnb can help generate a 40% increase in earnings, a 24% more bookings, and even a 26% increase in your nightly price. 


We also recognize the need for marketing long term rentals. Rent prices have soared over the last decade, and the choices for a rental apartment, home, townhome and condo have also seen this demand. Consumers demand to see and determine if a property will suit them and their needs; versus visiting and touring each and every vacant rental; we can show them exactly what they are going to see, from the comfort of their couch. From high quality images/videos to 360° virtual tours and floor plans we can ensure they have interest before they call to book that showing. We also offer pre-post inspection photography. We can take picture prior to occupancy and complete post inspection to ensure damage is well documented.

Pricing reflects a license agreement that is good for three years for marketing the rental property and not transferrable.